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Pete Ibarra Photography

Pete Ibarra Photography:

This is a video with an interview of me, explaining how I first got involved in photography.  Very cool and hip editing was done to this video.  I hope you guys & girls enjoy!



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“Business Cards are the Keys to Doors”

“Business Cards are the Keys to Doors”

My father always told me “Business Cards are the Keys to Doors.”   Business cards are the first impression of your brand, your one chance to stand out.  Some of the most newest ways to make a statement is with a  fancy card.  Here are some Business Card methods and stocks:  Linen Business Cards- A very classic slight textured paper, offered in white.  Silk Business Cards-Laminated with a special silky texture.  Foil Business Cards- Gold or Silver Foil gives it a great shine,  adding full color graphics gives it lots of flare.  Aquafoil Business Cards- Turn any color into a Shiny Foil.  Plastic Business Cards- These cards are similar to the thickness  of credit cards, especially when added with round corners.  Plastic Business Cards also are offered in frost and clear backing.  Spot UV Business Cards- Printed on matte stock,  give anything desired a gloss.  The contrast is very cool to look at.  Magnet Business Cards- Hang on someone’s fridge, this cards print with glossy full color  front and magnet backing.  Sticker Business Cards- Have your brand become part of someone’s life; add to their room or office as decor.

All this fantastic options are offered through our company at very low prices.  Create your Key with us!




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Have you ever wanted to send a message to consumers through mail, but thought it would cost too much? Every Door Direct Mail – Retail® service from USPS® program allows small to mid-size businesses to mail Coupons, Brochures & Flyers at an affordable price.  The cost of mailing out is 14.5¢-16¢ a piece+ your cost of marketing piece.  Customers of this type of mailing program for their marketing have seen significant results from their campaigns.  Some examples are:  restaurants, dry cleaners, beauty salons and/or mechanic shops that would like to mail out coupons and location information.  This program is well-suited for any new business trying to inform local  businesses or residents of opening.  Good way to showcase your business with photos and your companies logo and branding colors.  You could have your message or promotion be seen by a zip code you desire or even multiple zip codes.  Our company can help you with one campaign a month or even a few campaigns a month.  We can work with your budget and consult you on your best strategy.




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QR Code Revolution

What’s New:  QR Code Revolution!

We have all seen Qr Codes and wonder what they do?  Qr Codes are  codes generated by a  QR Code generating website,  they are scanned by smartphones with a free code scanner.  QR Codes are available for free in a classic black and white version or you may pay for a customized version.  They are  intended for consumers to be able to follow a brand, company or individual.  Some new and cool features  are having the QR Code have a customer call you or your business by scanning the code,  sharing a map for an event, sharing your contact info (VCARD),  having customers scan and be able to text,  or email you.

Our company can help you create creative solutions for your company.


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Silhouette Photography

Silhouette Photography:

Apple did a great AD Campaign using Silhouette Photography.  We can help you create Silhouette Photography Advertising.  Here is a photo, I shot recently using a blue gel light to create a striking silhouette.




Ashley Artel Model Silhouette

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New Blog

Pete Ibarra Designs is your number one source for Marketing, Photography, Design & Print at affordable pricing.  In this blog we will include behind the scenes of shoots, sneak peaks to projects, exciting news about our industry and events.

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